Rules & Regulations

Since 1919 The East Africa Kennel Club (EAKC) has been the primary registry body for purebred dogs in East Africa. The object of the EAKC as a non-profit organization is dedicated to advancing and protecting the interest of purebred dogs of all breeds by encouraging their proper keeping, breeding, improvement and importation as well as their responsible ownership, promoting the knowledge and understanding of their unique bond with people.

As the Internationally Recognised registry for purebred dogs in East Africa it is the mandate of the EAKC to…

  1. Classify breeds, make rules and regulations for registration and maintain records of registration, pedigree, transfer and to issue certificates thereof.
  2. Frame and enforce rules and regulations for, and to promote, organise and licence shows, field trials, working trials, matches and obedience tests.
  3. Approve judges for shows, trials and tests held under its jurisdiction.
  4. Record the results of competitive events held under its rules.
  5. Award Challenge and Champion Certificates and Challenge Trophies.
  6. Adjudicate on charges of infringement of Club Rules and Regulations and imposition of penalties.
  7. Register canine associations, Clubs and Societies.
  8. Publish records or other relevant material as the Council may direct.

The East Africa Kennel Club is a member-based, non-profit organization. It provides registry services for all officially recognized breeds of purebred dogs, provides governance for all EAKC approved shows, trials and events.

Core Values.

  • The EAKC promotes dog activities and dog sports, which it considers beneficial to the dogs and humans as well.
  • The EAKC trusts its members to protect the integrity of our national registries.
  • The EAKC cares about all dogs in East Africa
  • The EAKC is against shooting/poisoning of street dogs and believes that spaying and neutering feral and community owned dogs is the best processes for controlling stray dog populations.

Below are links to our Constitution, Rules & Regulations