It’s been Great!

It has been a fantastic and challenging 10 years, moving the EAKC from paper to digital record keeping, building our online database up to over 21,000 records, as well as turning the club around financially. I now resign from my role as Executive Officer of The East Africa Kennel Club and wish you all the best!

Thank you for your support. It has been great!

Neeltje Rosenstok

Farewell to our Executive Officer; Neeltje Rosenstok

Neeltje has worked for the East Africa Kennel Club (EAKC) since 2012, when she joined us on a part time basis, starting the process of digitizing our office and operations. In 2014 this became a full-time job and in 2018 she was asked to take over as Executive Officer. She ran The Club’s office singlehandedly and carried us through the COVID lockdowns with almost no disruption to our services.

Neeltje has in her time with us recorded over 21,000 individual dog records which now form our database. She brought the EAKC into the 21st century, changing from typewriters and mostly cash transactions to all modern forms of payment and a fully digitised Database. She singlehandedly built transparent and user-friendly internal office and customer facing systems with great creativity. These systems now form the core of all activities in the office.

As The Executive Officer, Neeltje succeeded in turning The Club around financially without any increase in fees while maintaining contact with international Kennel Clubs, Judges, Sponsors, Clients, and The Kenya Vet Board as well as coordinating The Club’s Council. Neeltje maintained all The Club records and organised meetings and shows while managing the club’s day to day running with great efficiency. This included the management of our small Pet Food shop until Council decided to close this aspect of The Club’s services in 2020.

Neeltje was also the Show Secretary, Manager, and Photographer, organising everything from the physical setup to sponsors and competitors to the judges and officials, to catering and ticketing systems. She very efficiently produced all the necessary show stationary, from the show Poster to the Critique and everything in between. Neeltje wrote and designed the EAKC Newsletter and created and maintained the EAKC website. She created user friendly forms both in hardcopy and online, and coded beautiful Certificates, using her graphic design skills to great effect.

Farewell Neeltje.