Nairobi City County Dog Licence 2017

30 May 2017

The inspections have got moving again.
Only the vet for Langata / Karen has been in touch with the EAKC to ask us to verify his identity. The vet for this area is called Dr. Wanguru – he comes ALONE at the time scheduled with you.

The area vet for Langata is called Dr. Wanguru tel 0721 399447
The area vet for Lavington is called Dr. Solomon Kinuthia tel 0728 475556

However, we do not have proof of his identity, and he does not have a NCC ID for this job – not his fault.


There are now cons posing as inspectors as well. Please contact the EAKC to verify the name of anyone who wants to inspect your property.

The procedure is: The vet CONTACTS you via phone or text and makes an appointment to inspect your property at your convenience (this allows you time to verify their identity with us).

Inspection consists of a check of fence and dog shelter (if this is your home that is accepted) and disposal of feces (long drops, burning, composting accepted).

The vet then returns signs & stamps the forms, leaving you to return them to Pangani (via us if you wish) with 2000/- per dog and a 500/- messenger fee.

For this, you will receive a receipt. Tags will NOT be issued this year so the final 1000/- is NOT to be paid.

Inspections are done FOR FREE. NO charges for transport or bribes to be paid.

There is a lot of discussion on social media about the current NCC Dog licencing procedure and costs in place. The lady in charge of this procedure at the Pangani Dog Pound is as much in the dark as you and I. Her first advise is:

“If anyone approaches you or your compound to inspect. THEY ARE CROOKS. DO NOT LET THEM IN.”

The NAIROBI-CITY-COUNTY-ANIMAL-CONTROL-WELFARE-DRAFT-BILL 2015 was signed in to law, bypassing all the standard procedures and ignoring the fact that it was still under review as it is neither clear nor practically implementable and neglects to take our basic rights in to account.

If you wish to cover yourself, please download the forms ((p17-19 of the draft bill) which I have separated off for your convenience) fill them in, copy your rabies certificate and we can send them in, either we can hold them, or send them on to the Pangani Dog Pound so that WHEN the tangle is undone, we have taken all the appropriate steps.

We will keep you updated as this develops.

UPDATE 17-01-2017

As of today our contact at the Pangani Pound confirms the charge for a license will be 3000/-. HOWEVER please do NOT try to pay yet, as there are no receipt books yet (county level) so payment can NOT be accepted.

UPDATE 23-01-2017

So last week, several more people tried to renew their Dog License, some being told that the form on which Dog/Cat is stated is not the correct form. Luckily one friendly person (Thank you Simona) searched the web thoroughly, and on a totally unrelated website found an updated version of the bill (click here to download the act) with the form apparently intended for use being Form 1.

The fee has been confirmed at 3000/-, we are awaiting confirmation of delivery of receipt books.  Renewal can be done at Pangani or Nyayo House with the EAKC offering  to deliver the forms as usual. A copy of your rabies certificate is required.

UPDATE 07-03-2017

After having discussed the current situation with the man in charge, it became apparent that he does not stand behind the costs involved either.

The procedure is still very opaque, with the EAKC having been told that our application papers should go directly to the “county vet in charge of the burrow”, where these vets may be found is still a mystery which we are trying to get clarity on.

He suggests (and I paraphrase) that we should all apply, and see what happens. The inspection, of “large houses with space” will only check that the fencing is in order and are not to discuss kennels or your dogs welfare, beyond a “look-see”.

You can drop off your application forms at the EAKC, from where we will be sending a rider to the various, applicable county vet sub-offices… and we can from then on sit and HOPE for further action.

NB: The vets may NOT ask for money for the inspection, the fee we are to pay is already exorbitant.

Update 23 March 2017

Last Friday, we finally got enough clarity and contact to send all the forms, which were submitted to us, in. The Vet department was happy with our applicants writing only the ROAD NAME and have moved with speed! The applications have been distributed to the area vets, and inspections are on the way.

While some of the questions asked are a little odd, there have not been any negative reports. The Vets have been polite and clear about their mandate.

NO MONEY IS CHANGING HANDS YET. The licensing fee is still being looked at, so no money will be paid as yet.

If you have not yet, but want to, please submit Form 1 to us with a copy of their Rabies Vaccination Certificate, in Duplicate per dog.

6 thoughts on “Nairobi City County Dog Licence 2017

  • May

    You are telling me that the Slum dweller is going to license the dogs they own at the price dictated by the council and have them vaccinated I think NOT this is targeting the animal lover who owns and protected their pets they have. The price is ridiculous

    • EAKC Post author

      Hi May,
      We totally understand your view point. A much smaller fee would probably have much more positive result (and lead to a higher income for the government).

  • Harriet Matsaert

    The forms you attached have a section to be filled by a vet after inspecting your property. Is this required even for non commercial dog owners? Also there is no mention of cost on the forms.

    • EAKC Post author

      There is no consensus about cost. The government expects ALL premises to be inspected. Currently nobody (various arms of government included and vet board) do not agree about the charges or the implementation.

  • D S

    Think the Dog Pound guys are equally in the dark. We had submitted the same forms mentioned above. They didn’t accept them as it had the word cat. They wanted a Form which only mentions Dog.
    I saw the form online , downloaded the same and submitted together with vaccination book copies.
    They simply accepted the forms and said we shall be called and someone shall come inspect and then we go back and pay.
    It’s been a week and no one has called. Another trip to the Dog pound today and it’s still the same. We shall be called!!

  • Felix Abur

    Thanks for the info. I have been worried about harassment by council officials and the inevitable solicitation for bribes. I hope they resolve the situation fast to stop all the uncertainty.

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