Information on Importing & Exporting Dogs

Please do NOT use brokers! The EAKC is here to help you get in touch with reputable breeders!

When you are importing or exporting a pedigree dog it is vital that you  obtain the right documentation. The EAKC will issue an export pedigree for pedigree dogs leaving East Africa to enable their registration elsewhere.

When taking a dog to the UK, please be aware that Microchipping is COMPULSORY there since March 2016, to validate your microchip you need to register it correctly with the EAKC Microchip Database from which you get a certificate of registration which will help to smooth the way when registering in UK. Click here to register your microchip.

When importing a pedigree dog it is vital that you obtain an export pedigree from the National Kennel club of the country.


Many people make the mistake of bringing a dog out with only a breed club or breeder pedigree. The export pedigree is applied for by the owner (transferred) and must be issued by the national registry. For instance in South Africa this is KUSA (the Kennel Association of South Africa) Click here for a list of countries and their National Kennel Club Registries.