The East Africa Kennel Club is a Studbook which registers all pedigree dogs in East Africa. Members enjoy lower rates and can register an official Affix (kennel name) after being an associate member (in good standing) for 3 years.

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Nairobi City Council License Application

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Form 12 Application for Membership Download Form 
Form 12a Application for Full Membership
(To be used by Associate Members wishing to become Full members, after 3 years membership)
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Form 12b Application for Full Membership
(To be used to apply for membership for persons under 18)
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Microchip Registration FormClick here to Open (PDF)Fill Microchip form in online


It is your responsibility as a breeder to issue a Breeder’s pedigree of at least four generations to the buyer of each registered puppy in this litter. A four-generation blank pedigree form for each puppy registered in this litter will be sent to you by the EAKC together with the Certificates of Registration. The blank pedigree forms are for completion by the breeder, and are not official pedigrees or valid for export purposes.
The breeder’s pedigrees should not be returned to the EAKC. Separate application, accompanied by the relevant fee, must be made for Official Pedigrees, or Export Pedigrees when required.

Puppies which you register as a breeder are registered in your name as the owner. When you sell or give away puppies they must be officially transferred into their ownership after the date of the physical transfer. Click hereto download the transfer form (1 per dog).
The EAKC asks that you, obtain the signature of the new owner on the transfer application, and return the completed transfer applications to the EAKC yourself.

An Affix, also known as a “Kennel Name” is a single word of no more than 12 letters which you can use as part of every dog’s name when registering a your litters. An Affix can only be attained by full EAKC members in good standing through an application to the EAKC Council, once granted an affix must be maintained by payment of an annual fee.
Unless prohibited by endorsement, it may also be added to the name of a dog previously registered by someone else, at the time when that dog is officially transferred to your ownership. No other word or name can be used repeatedly (more than 2x) when naming puppies in a litter

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Form 1 To Register a litterDownload FormOpen Form (NEW)
Form 2 To Register of a single dogDownload Form 
Form 2a To Register a dog – Obedience OnlyDownload Form 
Form 3 To Transfer of ownership of a dogDownload Form 
Form 4 To Register an imported dogDownload Form 
Form 5 Litter conceived through Artificial Insemination (also fill out
Form 1)
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Form 6 Change of name – only valid for the addition of a registered affixDownload Form 
Form 7 Registration of a Dog – Pedigree part unknownDownload File 
Rules Governing AI (additions to Form 5)Download File 
Form 8 Application for an Export PedigreeDownload File 
Form 9 Application for an Affix Download File 
Rules Governing Affix ApplicationDownload File 
Form 11 Application for Replacement  DocumentsDownload File 
Form 15a Declaration Regarding Hereditary Diseases – RidgebackDownload Form 
Form 15 Declaration Regarding Hereditary DiseasesDownload Form 
Form 20 KVB Hip Score FormApply for Form 
Form 30 Cancellation of EndorsementsDownload Form