Ear Cropping   Recently updated !

It has come to the attention of the EAKC that many of the Caucasian Shepherds registered over the past few years have had their ears cropped. Ear cropping is an unnecessary cosmetic and cruel illegal mutilation of the dog’s ears. THE EAKC AS WELL AS KENYA VET BOARD OUTLAWED THIS […]

Official Notification

Disciplinary Committee Ruling In accordance with our Constitution we hereby notify of a recent disciplinary matter which was raised within the East Africa Kennel Club with regard to the behaviour of one of our members, namely Angela Yoder Maina.  The disciplinary committee report state that her conduct has been found […]

Importing a Labrador?

Please make sure to get a DNA test to prove that it is Dilute Gene Clear. Due to the seriousness of the conditions which can be caused by the dilute gene in Labrador Retrievers the EAKC has made the decision not to register any new imports of Labrador Retrievers in […]