German Shepherd Club


The East Africa German Shepherd Dog  Club of East Africa, formerly known as the GSD League, is affiliated to the East Africa Kennel Club, is a league of pedigree German Shepherd Dog owners, breeders, exhibitors, show ring and Competitive Sport dog trainers, guard dog and protection dog trainers and dog lovers in the entire East Africa region. The League focuses on GSD maintenance and training in East Africa and upholds the recognized standard of the German Shepherd Dog.

Membership to the league is drawn from private individual dog lovers, corporate, and institutions.

The League is non-profit making and the elected officials serve on voluntary basis.

The league hosts two German shepherd dog shows, one Open Day event and one IPO training seminar annually in East Africa. At all these events the League also organizes a Full Catering and Family Fun Day.

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The League brings in WUSV judges for its two shows held annually, as well as experts and professionals for the annual GSD Open Day event and IPO training seminar.

Over the years the League has grown in membership, show attendance numbers and competition dog entries and targets to reach levels of similar Leagues and Seiger shows in South Africa, Pakistan and Europe in the next few years. The League invites you to be its partner in supporting and improving the standard of the German Shepherd Dog Breed in East Africa.

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