Official Notification

Disciplinary Committee Ruling

In accordance with our Constitution we hereby notify of a recent disciplinary matter which was raised within the East Africa Kennel Club with regard to the behaviour of one of our members, namely Angela Yoder Maina. 

The disciplinary committee report state that her conduct has been found grievous and warranting appropriate action, including dismissal from the club, however, the disciplinary committee felt that she has shown remorse, cooperated and stated her commitment to making a positive change and will therefore be given another chance.

Angela has been issued with an official warning letter which cautions her against using abusive language (whether verbal or in writing) towards the Executive Secretary, members of the Council or any volunteers or staff working on behalf of the E. A. Kennel Club.

She is also officially cautioned about her conduct on social media in relationship to the E. A. Kennel Club, where she is reminded that she is bound by the E. A. Kennel Club Constitution as a member regarding her disclosures about club matters or club officials ridiculing and/or disrespecting the club and/or the officials of the club and/or decisions made by the club’s established leadership.

Caution was also given to her regarding abiding by the Rules and Regulations in place and following of the proper procedures to change these Rules and Regulations when the need arises. This caution also extends to procedures in place for lodging of complaints and resolutions of complaints as publicly or covertly enlisting support for her cause outside of the established framework and procedures is not conduct becoming of a member.

The final caution issued, relates to the use of a Facebook page that holds the name “East Africa Kennel Club registered puppies and dogs”. Despite the fact that the page holds a disclaimer about it being privately managed, it gives the strong impression that it is linked to the E.A. Kennel Club.

Because the name of the page cannot be changed, it was decided that administrative access should be granted to the office clerk and one member of the Council, this has not yet come to pass. Furthermore, The Executive Committee recommended to Council for ratification that as she has admitted to the above grievances, she should be barred from seeking any position within the E.A. Kennel Club or its affiliates for a period of three years. This recommendation was tabled and unanimously carried by all those present at the council meeting of 10th March 2021.