The Dilute Gene in Labradors, a problem we do not want!

Colour Dilution Alopecia ( CDA)
a painful, chronic, genetic condition associated with the dilute gene ‘dd’ that causes
hair loss and skin lesions.
Puppies are born completely normal in appearance and don’t show signs of the disease
until approximate 6 months of age. Owners and vets often think the pets have dry
skin or allergies, however usually by age two permanent hairloss is significant. There is
no cure.
As the Labrador Retriever has always been black, yellow or chocolate the breed has
never suffered from CDA until the dilute gene was introduced from the Weimaraner.
CDA affects the affected dog’s quality of life to a great extent. If they don’t have the
dd gene they can’t get CDA.

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Genetic testing to rule out this mutation may be implemented soon to prevent any dogs who carry this problem from entering the East African genepool. Please be careful with this beloved breed.