Two Labrador Retriever Championship Dog Shows

The Two Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Club of East Africa Championship Shows

were held on 29th July 2017 at Lady Hewett’s Property, off Magadi Road, Langata

Judged by Mr David Coode (UK) A.M and Mrs Lorraine Tooth (UK) P.M.

The shows were very successful, though the new concept of running 2 shows in one day did cause some logistical problems (such as finishing in the dark). The critique has already been super efficiently typed up by Judy Seton who was the inexhaustible scribe for BOTH shows and will be checked by the judges before we publish them here. Please click here for the final critique

For now, and impression in the form of some of the pictures from the show. Please feel free to contact me ( for pictures of your dogs (no charges).



The 2017 International Lab Club Show will be a little different.

A little explanation is therefore necessary. We have two specialist Labrador Judges, David Coode(UK) and Lorraine Tooth(UK), making 

To this end David will judge a Lab Club Show in the morning and Lorrraine Tooth will be absent and unaware of proceedings.

In the afternoon Lorraine will judge a second show, giving Labrador owners two opportunities on the same day to achieve something with their best friend.

Please read the schedule carefully and get your entries in as soon as possible.

Judges’ Profiles


I started in dogs in 1967 in Australia. My first Labrador became an Obedience Champion. I moved to Malaysia for my work, and the same dog became a Singapore and Malaysian Champion. For 3 years Carole and I set up and ran the Obedience and Show handling side of the Malaysian Kennel Club.
Returning to England in 1974 we bought 2 bitches from the Lawnwoods Kennels and Warringah was up and running. Over the years we have made up 21 Labrador Champions (all but 3 were full Chs) Although until 2000 I worked extensively overseas, I showed the dogs whenever I was home.
I was passed to award CCs in Labradors in June 1991 at Blackpool and have judged them on a regular basis since then, including Labradors at Crufts in 2011. I have judged the breed in Australia, America, New Zealand South Africa and most European countries.
I train all our dogs to the gun and have a choice of 7 dogs for regular picking up days, about 50 days in the shooting season. I run a number of dogs in working tests in the summer, with some success and have been fortunate enough to win the top Dual Purpose Retriever for the United Retriever Club. At Crufts 2017 I won the best Labrador dog and bitch in the Gamekeeper classes.
In the last 25 years of the Labradors gaining their full Champion title in the United Kingdom 25% of them have been Warringah Labradors. For the last 3 years I have been invited to Italy along with two other trainers to run Gundog training classes.
I believe the Labrador is a working dog that we show and should be presented in a fit hard condition.
I am looking forward to judging your dogs.


I owned my first Labrador back in 1979 and since then I have never been without one – well, several actually!
Firstly all my dogs are pets and constant companions – very much part of our family. They are well socialized, used to children and other animals.
I started showing in 1965 and attended Crufts the following year. I have shown at Crufts every year since. I have bred 5 champions.

All my dogs are Hip and Elbow scored, Eye tested and D.N.A. tested and I only breed from the best!
I give full support to The Kennel Club ‘Fit For Function’ scheme.

I am happy to visit Kenya to judge your Labradors!

LRCEA: We look forward to hosting you here!