The 50th LKA Championship Dog Show

The LKA Show Team! Thank you ladies (and gents) for a wonderful show!

2 weeks have passed already since the 2017 Ladies Kennel Association 50th Championship Dog Show. Generously sponsored by  Bayer & Lesukut.

A Special thank you must go out to the tireless ladies behind the organising of this show! Chairlady Barbie Winter who makes a feast of every meeting. Linda van Dalen who took on the role of Learner Ring Steward under Bruno Boucher who flew out especially for our show!

Thank you to Zepherino Silva for travelling to our humble corner of the world to judge our show with much good humour and zest.

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Contact me if you would like copies of photo’s of your dog. I am still sifting through my 1700 photo’s.

The Critique

LKA 50th Championship Dog Show Critique