Shadrack Represents East Africa (KENYA) at Crufts

It has been an exciting journey since October Last year, raising funds and planning for Shadrack to head to Crufts, so today I am sat glued to my screen, watching the live stream of Crufts Day 3 –  Junior Handling Competition, with 39 girls and 5 boys entered from all over the world, Shadrack trots into the ring as the 19th handler entering.

Shadrack’s journey to Crufts started a lot earlier of course, he has been diligently showing in the junior handling competitions, showing Keith Mullan’s Elli Poodle (Afterglow Signature on File (UK)) who is at Crufts too! (congratulations Keith!) Shadrack enjoyed seeing his old friends at Crufts too!

Shadrack looks composed and professional. The beautiful Australian Shepherd on the end of his leash showing like a dream.

Although the announcer confused that Shadrack’s story, saying he lives with 15 dogs instead of brothers and sisters!! So far so good. I am so happy and proud to see Shadrack there, in the main arena at Crufts, shining.