New Rules & Regulations

Inspection when applying for an Affix

It was decided at the East Africa Kennel Club(EAKC) Council Meeting held on 26 October 2016 that when an application for grant of Affix is received, the EAKC will send out 2 committee members to inspect the Kennels / operations of the applying member.

Purpose of the visit
The purpose of visiting breeders who wish to have an East African Kennel Club’s Affix is simply to ensure compliance of the East African Kennel Club’s breeding standards are maintained by those that have a EAKC Affix.

Pedigree with your litter

It was decided at the EAKC Council Meeting on 8 February 2017 that when one applies for registration of their litter, it will be compulsory to also pay for an EAKC pedigree of that litter, to ensure the information given to potential buyers is correct. For owners of an AFFIX, you may submit your Logo artwork to be published on this official pedigree at no extra cost.