Westgate Puppy Sellers

TNR NaniSome volunteers from TNR Nairobi recently went to check on the puppies being sold around Westgate Mall, while their advances were at first treated with hostile suspicion (“Are you KSPCA?”) they succeeded in getting to see many puppies and offered free deworming.

Some of the puppies were in terrible condition and after much discussion the volunteers left with one (which the hawkers wanted them to BUY).

This puppy was taken to Dr. Cockar for immediate attention. Palpation revealed an old, badly set fracture in the hind leg but it was not until the Xray that the extent of this pup’s suffering became clear. It had been livingNani with a fractured leg and crushed pelvis for quite a while, probably sustained when dropped in the busy traffic, and likely run over.

The discussion of repair work and rehabilitation started with “this dog won’t be able to have puppies…”
sadly, after a few more hours of observation, and a little food, it became clear that this poor pup was not even able to pass stool. She could not be saved.

We would really like to raise awareness that buying puppies from this sort of “business” does nothing other than ENCOURAGE the practice of puppy farming. You are not saving one, you are encouraging them to breed more!

Even those of you who feel their suffering and would buy a puppy “just to rescue it”, don’t! 

Instead give money or time to TNR Nairobi so that they can spay & neuter dogs and decrease the breeding population of strays.

Without demand, supply will dwindle.