Royal Canin 2015 LRCEA Show

The Royal Canin 2015¬†LRCEA Show was held on the 22 August 2015 and was a great success. The venue, Lady Jay Hewett’s beautiful property formed a beautiful back drop to a fun and informative show.

The judge, Joy Venturi-Rose spent a lot of time explaining their choices and teaching us about the things we look for in our Labradors and why.

The dogs were on great form and showed beautifully.

A large contingent of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a GSD were present to take their bronze and silver “good citizen award” tests judged by Linda Brown.

Also Rottweilers and crossbreeds were shown in some of the Field Trial classes which were judged by UK judge Chris Rose.

The Kenya Police Dog Unit (KPDU) did a short display of their tracking dogs – each specialised to track a different scent (firearms, drugs, money and even phones).

A lot of kids enjoyed the show receiving marvelous prizes brought out and donated from Holland by Tinah Rood.

Sunday was also great fun with working Field Trials held at Natasha Weld-Dixon’s beautiful property (photos to follow as Saturday’s Photographer didn’t make it (SORRY!)

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