Your Chip is now searchable from anywhere!

The EAKC recently partnered with ChipnDoodle as our old database provider for Microchips closed down. ChipnDoodle have a superb interface making your registered Microchips searchable from anywhere! Don’t worry, your personal data is safe, the EAKC contact details are shared publicly in place of your personal details.

Changes to GSD Registrations

Further to a directive by the GSD Club of East Africa, there will be a surcharge of 1000/- to register any GSD litter unless the breeder is a paid up member of the GSDCEA (formerly The GSDL). This charge will be implemented on 1st of July 2021. Please renew your […]

2021 East Africa Kennel Club Constitution

It has been a while since we updated the constitution. Here is the updated version which was proposed by the Rules & Regulations Committee and approved by EAKC Council – for ratification at the 2021 AGM.

The Dilute Gene in Labradors, a problem we do not want!

Colour Dilution Alopecia ( CDA)a painful, chronic, genetic condition associated with the dilute gene ‘dd’ that causeshair loss and skin lesions.Puppies are born completely normal in appearance and don’t show signs of the diseaseuntil approximate 6 months of age. Owners and vets often think the pets have dryskin or allergies, […]

Don’t Get Scammed!!!

Puppy mills are popping up everywhere, dogs are being stolen and bred, bought and bred, imported by the boxload and bred, bred and bred. Badly…