The EAKC 161st Championship Dog Show

The 161st EAKC Championship Dog show is coming up on 15 and 16 October 2016! Our judge this year will be the well known Ronnie Irving (UK). The entry forms are in the mail, but you can use our online entry form! Please take a moment to read through rules and regulations […]

Importing Dogs in to East Africa


The Barking Bill   Recently updated !

Dog owners in Nairobi be warned, your pooch may soon land you in trouble if their behaviour is not tamed. The Nairobi county government has enacted a law that will soon render dog keeping not only an arguably expensive affair but also a legally demanding one. The Dog Control and […]

Attack, Aggress, Beat or Treat

Showtime!! A properly trained protection dog works for fun, it never attacks out of fear. I’ve been asked by the East Africa Kennel Club to write an article about Protection Dog training, especially concerning the need to hit the dog while training. I have been working with Protection Dogs since 1998. […]



Lovely Forest Walk – KAREN SIDE

It may come as a surprise to some of you, and others may already know of this place for years…. Ngong Forest Section 1. A friend of mine told me where to find the gate to this Park earlier this week and on a whim, I decided to pop by, […]